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Drag icons into your apps in any size or color

Use IconJar alongside your design tool, code editor, word processor or presentation software and streamline your workflows.

For example: Google Apps, Figma/Sketch and Visual Studio Code.


Bulk export icons in the sizes you need

Save time by using one of our built-in presets for Android, iOS, macOS or create custom presets that suit your needs.


Optimize SVGs and make them production ready

Use our SVG optimizer to make icons production-ready. We have plenty of settings for this too!


Bundle similar icons with Smart Sets

Smart sets are great for bundling your favourite icons or icons that share similar characteristics. Create the Smart Sets you want, and IconJar will do the hard work.


See recently used icons at a glance

IconJar automatically adds the icons you've used to a recently used set in the left sidebar.

Star your favourite icons

You can now star the icons you like the most. Starred icons are all grouped in one set, so you don't have to search when you need them.

Designed for the Mac

IconJar is designed to fit in with the apps you already use on your Mac.

Custom SVG renderer

IJSVG is our custom-built SVG renderer that has been open-source since day one.

Import from Sketch

Use our Sketch plugin to easily import icons into IconJar. Download plugin

Easily import and distribute icon sets

Our .iconjar files are designed to make importing and distributing icon sets easier at scale. Many designers and marketplaces support our file type, like Iconfinder and

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