Interviewed: Justas Galaburda

Founder of Icon Utopia

Today we’re talking to Justas from Icon Utopia. He started his newsletter / blog a little over a year ago, to help designers make better icons. As icon-lovers we can only encourage that and we’ve seen more and more icons and illustrations on Dribbble lately. Coincidence? Probably, but that doesn’t matter :) Q. Hey Justas, thank you for…

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What’s new in Iconjar 0.9

Improved size switcher and lots of bug fixes

It’s been some time since we last released an update, but we’re back with some pretty great improvements that bring us closer to our 1.0 release. We’re really thankful for the support and feature requests, we could not have done it without you guys 😄 New website First of all, with a new major release…

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What’s new in Iconjar 0.8

Improved UI, Quicklook and more...

Iconjar is in constant development thanks to our users. The large amount of feedback we receive really helps contribute towards building an amazing product. UI improvements A lot of users use Iconjar as a fullscreen app on an external display. Everything we used to have in the bottom bar now found it’s place in the…

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What’s new in Iconjar 0.7

Earlier this week we were happy to announce that we released Iconjar 0.7 but you’re probably wondering what has changed. Working on an app that a lot of people use results in a lot of feedback (thank you for that!). This update features two new features that were requested very often and a lot of…

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Interviewed: Vincent Le Moign

About his workflow and more

As icon lovers ourselves we obviously love icons but there’s always a team or someone behind the icons you’re using. Today we’ll get a small look into Vincent Le Moign ‘s kitchen. In case you are not familiar with his work, he designed the very popular Streamline Icons that you must’ve seen in the wild…

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Introducing Groups

Organizing icon sets made even better

We’ve been in public beta for more than a month now and we have received a lot of valuable feedback from our users. One of the things we discovered is that a lot of sets come in multiple styles and having those styles combined by just using one label wasn’t ideal. That’s why we are introducing groups, a way to organise…

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Export to .iconjar

Better collaboration

Share icon sets with those who you collaborate with is a very common usecase. To do that we have worked on a feature that allows you to export an icon set to a .iconjar file that those who you collaborate with can easily import into their Iconjar setup. Iconjar export files contain all the meta info…

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Easily Browse Icon Fonts

For your unicode pleasure

Icon sets come in a lot of shapes and formats. A common — and popular — format are fonts that contains scalable icons. Icon fonts can be a pity to browse through though, most of the time you print or download a sheet from the icon font generator ‘s website to know what character code which…

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Public Beta of Iconjar

The wait is over

Over the past year we have been working on Iconjar. A Mac app that helps you organise and use icons in an easy and efficient way. What started as a concept posted to Dribbble has grown to something we can now call a product. It’s been a rollercoaster and we’re sure that this rollercoaster ‘s…

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