Version 2.1.2

Latest version

We've optimised the performance of deleting icons, sets and groups.

Fixed an issue with our SVG parser (IJSVG) where it would not correctly parse path data subcommand’s.

Version 2.1.1

This release fixes a rare issue where an IconJar 2 library would show up empty after migrating from v1.

Version 2.1

IconJar now supports Apple's SF Symbols icons

Import all the different weights of Apple's official SF Symbol icons into IconJar with just one click.

Support for HEX colors with 8 characters

We've added support for alpha in HEX strings to IconJar.

Adds states for toolbar icons for Filter and Starred

Fixes a few rendering issues with some SVG’s

Fixes issue where a backup would happen upon migration

Fixes various memory leaks

Version 2.0

A fresh lick of paint, and huge amounts of code changes.

Bundle similar icons with Smart Sets

IconJar now lets you create rule based sets. Smart sets are great for when you have a favourite style, prefer a specific file type, or want to show every icon with a certain license.

View recently used icons

IconJar automatically adds the icons you've used to a recently used set in the left sidebar.

Star your favourite icons

You can now star the icons you like the most. Starred icons are all grouped in one set so you never have to search for them.

Full compatability with macOS 10.15 Catalina

Our color picker now includes an eye-dropper tool

UI changes througout the whole app

You can now also change the color of gradients

You can now have IconJar search for, and clean up, duplicate icons

You can now filter your icon set list by keyword

We now link out to licenses from the inspector when a url for the license is provided

We now allow users to opt-in for beta releases

Trigger search with a keystroke with “always active search”

We have implemented basic Touchbar support for the grid

You can now sort the grid

You can choose to have the grid grouped by set or not

You can now drag icons and iconjar files directly into the set list for inplace adding

You can now drag out sets from the list and instantly create iconjar files

We have added SVG export options to the preferences to customize SVG processing

You can now improve icon constrast when using Aqua instead of just in Dark mode

If moving a library when IconJar is not open, we keep track of it and wont need to refind it again

Managing licenses has now been given its own window instead of inside Preferences

Quicklook has been simplified and is detachable, this also respects the grid dark mode

Grid can now display up to 256pt sizes

Updated IJSVG to fix a lot of rendering issues with gradients

You can now right click and copy, or copy code from Quickdrag

The grid size controls now overlay the grid but are unobtrusive

We have ramped up performance throughout the application

Version 1 → 1.13

Noteworthy features and improvements we made to version 1 in no particular order

  • Native support for Dark Mode
  • QuickDrag which allows you to change dimensions and file types on the fly
  • A complete redesigns of many features such as our backup flow and our toolbar
  • A way to replace one or multiple icons
  • Finder tags support
  • Support for numerous file types such as EPS, PDF and ICO
  • A way to import multiple .iconjar files at once
  • A way to assign a license to icons, sets and groups
  • A Sketch plugin that to import icons into IconJar
  • A rich export feature
  • Built-in support for FontAwesome 5
  • A custom URL-scheme that automatically downloads icon sets from the web and imports them into IconJar
  • Custom export presets
  • An interactive breadcrumb so you can easily navigate through your folder structure
  • Built-in support for the Google Material icons
  • Endless amounts of SVG improvements such as "copy as formatted SVG code"