Picons Basic sample pack

This icon set that was originally designed in 2009 quickly became a must-have for thousands of creatives around the world.

Sample Set by Those Icons

Today’s freebie comes from ThoseIcons. It’s an amazing set containing a variety of styles for you to use.

Medical line and solid icons

This freebie is part of an amazing set containing 14,000 icons in total. Yup, 7000 outline and solid icons.

Bytesized icons

These byte sized icons by Dan Klammer are the result of learning how the SVG spec works. We really love the result and really appreciate the effort that he’s put into this set.

Apple icons

Spark up your designs by using these cute Apple device icons.


Look no further if you’re looking for a high quality icon set that contains the camera icons you need, exclusively on our website.

70 Flat Social Icons

Today’s freebie comes from Alexis who has handcrafted a super useful icon set for you guys.

Icon54 sample pack

It has taken the guys from Icon54 one year to design a pixel perfect icon set containing thousands of icons.

77 Essential Icons

Bryn delivered an incredibly well thought out icon set that contains 77 essential icons for everyday use.

Nova Icons

The guys over at Webalys have been our friends for quite some time now and they’re back with a new set focussed primarily for Android design.

Feather 1.1

Today’s icons come from Cole Bemis who has designed the beautiful Feather icons.

440 BigMug Icons

Today’s freebie comes from Catalin Fertu. He has designed this set as a thank-you for the designer community.

231 Micons

Today’s exclusive freebie comes from Cosmin who is a Romanian designer who moved to the UK to work at Rawnet.

48 Bubble Icons

We are a fan of Umar’s work for a long time and to our surprise he has also designed a beautiful icon set for you to download.

Ego Free

Vincent already designed some great icons that we have available on our website but he’s back with a new pack.

Streamline Free

Vincent is known for his skill set when it comes to icon design and his great passion when it comes to running side-projects.