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Expand your icon collection

Importing .IconJar files from the web has become a lot easier

Introducing our very own url scheme

With the adoption of our IconJar format growing each day we wanted to make importing icons even easier (we wrote a blog post about that). After some brainstorming we came to the realisation that there was a way to further streamline the download process of icons.

As of IconJar 1.5 (released on July 30, 2017) you can use our custom url scheme which launches the app, downloads the icons and imports them when you click “open”. We already implemented the functionality on our website but we’ve now made it possible for everyone to do this on their website. Try it out by clicking the big ol’ blue button below.


Add sample to IconJar


How it works

You simply link to a compressed (.zip) .IconJar file and our script will automagically prefix urls if you follow the steps listed below. When macOS doesn’t respond to the urlscheme it will fallback to the original permalink. Ideally we want you guys to set the fallback yourself, but as a proof of concept we’ve kept it simple for now! If you need any help, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

Step 1: Embed our script

Step 2: Make sure the anchor tag includes the proper classname

<a href="{url-here}" class="iconjar-download">Download</a>