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Time to give something back

Back when IconJar was in public beta we built our .IconJar file to make sharing icons along IconJar users easier. What started small turned into a giant snowball for us. Our file format may be one of the reasons the adoption rate of our app was so high during our beta. We accidentally growth hacked IconJar to where it stands today thanks to the community and it’s time to give something back.


How our file format turned into a snowball

The original idea behind our file format was that it allows people to share icons with friends and colleagues by sending a single package. Not long after releasing the file format we received messages from icon designers who wanted to distribute their icons by using our file format though. We didn’t think that scenario would become reality because we thought people would be hesitant of recommending a Mac app that was still in beta at the time. However, people mostly weighed the benefits over the downsides of a beta which was scary but exciting at once.

Icon designers were slowly but increasingly adding .IconJar files to their icon sets. At this exact moment we came to the realisation that we built something that icon designers had been searching for a while. Making it easier to find the right icons had been the number one request for icon designers who made icon sets with hundreds or thousands of icons. Our optimised grid and the ability to add tags was exactly what designers needed in order to satisfy their customers.

Icon designers weren’t the only ones that were interested in .IconJar files though. What started as a way to generate income during our public beta turned into a nice collaboration. Iconfinder recently announced that they added our .IconJar format to all sets they’re hosting. This means that the amount of icon sets that come with a .IconJar format increased from around 75/100 to tens of thousands. This is huge and it also opened doors for people to import way more free icon sets with ease. Therefore we felt like we finally reached to a point in which we could give premium icons a nice podium too and give something back to the community.


Introducing an all new featured icons page section

Like we said, we truly believe that the distribution of our file format − and recommendations about IconJar − to their clients, by icon designers contribute to where we stand today. Therefore we wanted to give something back to the community by featured our favourite icons in a single overview. You can filter between free and premium icons and even browse icon sets that were featured by Iconfinder.

Our goal was to present the best icon sets in a nice overview. We have received amazing reactions to the page already but please let us know if you have any suggestions. This section of our website is for everyone and not just our users.

Browse featured icons


What’s next for IconJar

Thanks to Iconfinder, the amount of icon sets that support our .IconJar format has been increased tenfold. This poses a new challenge for us. We want to make importing IconJar files from the web as simple as possible, which is why we are currently working on a url scheme that will allow people to import icons from the web with just two clicks.