Press kit

Bits and pieces about IconJar.

About IconJar and its history

IconJar for macOS was designed and built by Davey Heuser and Curtis Hard. It has been developed out of first hand personal frustration, but after posting a Dribbble shot we noticed that there were more people that experienced this problem. To validate the idea with potential users we made a landing page that collected over 1500 email addresses in just a few days.

The icon landscape is very diverse and people have a lot of icon sets stored on their computers. IconJar lets people store these icons within just a click away. During our journey to our 1.0 release (which took three years, of which two of those were a public beta) we've always had effectivity and efficiency in mind. We wanted to make sure people were able to find their icons as easy as possible and user feedback during our public beta helped a lot with that.

The hunny jar logo

Our beautiful logo was designed by Jord Riekwel. We wanted to make the logo look playful and therefore we used Winnie-the-Pooh's hunnie jar as inspiration.

Download press kit

Our press kit contains our logo, sample screenshots and product photos. Please get in touch with out whenever you want more information about IconJar.

Download our press kit (11mb)