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Expand your icon collection

Exporting Icons

With IconJar 1.0 we have introduced exporting. This allows you to export your icons to various sizes and colors.

IconJar supports exporting to the following formats: PNG, TIFF, WebP, GIF, SVG and JPEG.

IconJar supports Sketch flavoured sizing, which allow the following suffix commands:

  • w – width, e.g. 20w
  • h – height, e.g. 20h
  • s – square, e.g 20s
  • x – multiply, e.g 2x

For example, you can use the size of 20w and it will give you an image that is 20px in width and adjusts the height accordingly. S will give you back a square image with the resized image adjusted accordingly drawn in the centre. Multiple will give you back the original image size multiplied by what you specified. So if you original image was 16×16 and you ask for 2x, it will give you back a 32×32 image.

So how do SVG’s work?

SVG’s work a little different. Due to they are not bitmap, we cant just “resize them” – so we deactivate the size text field for them. When SVG’s are exported we completely reformat the original SVG (without touching it) and write the SVG back out ourselves using our IJSVG rendering engine, this means that you should get a 100% exact representation of what you see within IconJar saved out.