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What’s new in Iconjar 0.7

Earlier this week we were happy to announce that we released Iconjar 0.7 but you’re probably wondering what has changed. Working on an app that a lot of people use results in a lot of feedback (thank you for that!). This update features two new features that were requested very often and a lot of stability improvements.

Dark grid

It’s a fact that there are a lot of different types of icon sets available on the web. Most of them are colourful or have a grayscale tone in order to see them on a white background. Not all sets have this though, but we don’t want to modify the icons people import into Iconjar. That’s why we’re introducing a dark background grid that can be easily triggered by pressing cmd + 1 simultaneously.

Show in Finder

People have been asking a lot where we store your icon sets. We store them in somewhere else, somewhere hidden, but where is that hidden place? In the past we would’ve told people to go to the Iconjar support folder but that’s a lot of work. A shortcut would be way easier, that’s why we added a Show in Finder link to the contextual menu you see when right-clicking one or multiple icons.

Note; Please be aware that this folder is linked to a database so renaming, removing or adding icons is not recommended. Overwriting icons is no problem though, they will immediately update in Iconjar as well.


Release Notes

Give this update a spin and let us know if you like it! Download Iconjar 0.7