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What’s new in Iconjar 0.8

Improved UI, Quicklook and more...

Iconjar is in constant development thanks to our users. The large amount of feedback we receive really helps contribute towards building an amazing product.

UI improvements

A lot of users use Iconjar as a fullscreen app on an external display. Everything we used to have in the bottom bar now found it’s place in the header. We also added a grid view options popover where you can set some preferences for the grid.


Oh we are so excited about this one! We knew that a lot of users pressed their spacebar to preview icons in a larger size, similar to the OS X Finder. The support for SVG’s in Quicklook isn’t great though so we had to come up with a better and smarter solution tailored for previewing icons. We think we have succeeded greatly but we’re eager to hear your thoughts on the Quicklook feature we built!

Release log for Iconjar 0.8

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