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What’s new in Iconjar 0.9

Improved size switcher and lots of bug fixes

It’s been some time since we last released an update, but we’re back with some pretty great improvements that bring us closer to our 1.0 release. We’re really thankful for the support and feature requests, we could not have done it without you guys 😄

New website

First of all, with a new major release comes a “new” website. We applied some changes to the website in order to give our content some more love. It’s not done yet, but we’re iteratively making small changes to the website.

App changes

Iconjar 0.9 is a fairly big release which hopefully helps you guys even better with your icon problems. The most important bits about this release are listed below:

Add icons sheet

We received a lot of questions regarding import options and it turned out that people weren’t able to find our (advanced) import options. Therefore we decided on function over form and made the import sheet bigger in order to show the options you need.

Grid size selector

One of the things we wanted to improve about our grid is the accuracy of it. We wanted to allow users to change the grid to a pixel value, but what is the appropriate pixel size for a tabbar icon in iOS? Right.. we got you covered! But don’t worry, we didn’t remove the beloved slider.

Release log for Iconjar 0.9

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