Organize, search and use icons the easy way

Iconjar gives you the ability to store all your icons in one place, just one click away.

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app preview Requires at least Mac OS X 10.10 (Yosemite)

Boost your productivity

Time is money. It leaves digging through your design asset folders behind and lets you access your icons without hassle.

Organize your design assets

Iconjar is your personal organizer. Our tagging system makes it super easy for you to find the perfect icon for your next design.

Easily search through all of your icons

Iconjar's search has been designed and developed with speed and effectivity in mind. It searches for icons while your typing, it's that easy.

Drag & drop icons in your favourite apps

Just drag any icon from Iconjar and drop it in the app you are working with. It's not rocket science, figuratively speaking.

Start organizing your icons now.

It's free, at least while in beta. Download our Beta (0.95)
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