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Drag icons into your apps in any size or color

Use IconJar alongside your design tool, code editor, word processor or presentation software and streamline your workflows.

For example: Google Apps, Figma/Sketch and Visual Studio Code.


Bulk export icons in the sizes you need

Save time by using one of our built-in presets for Android, iOS, macOS or create custom presets that suit your needs.


Optimize SVGs and make them production ready

Use our SVG optimizer to make icons production-ready. We have plenty of settings for this too!


Bundle similar icons with Smart Sets

Create Smart Sets in IconJar by bundling your favorite icons or those with similar characteristics. IconJar will take care of the hard work for you.


See recently used icons at a glance

IconJar automatically adds the icons you've used to a recently used set in the left sidebar.

Star your favourite icons

You can now star the icons you like the most. Starred icons are all grouped in one set, so you don't have to search when you need them.

Did you say niche? We don't think so.


Ensure that your icon collection doesn't block your creative process.


Get rid of that bottleneck in the development process.


Use icons efficiently to create beautiful marketing content.

Very handy even as a starting point for composing / planning out visuals and thinking around what iconography is needed.

Rosemary Lynch • Jan 10, 2023

If you do any design work you need a good icon library, and this is a good way to keep and maintain one. Key feature: you can associate licenses with sets of icons.

Mathew Murphy • Jul 25, 2023

works perfectly, AWESOME FOR MY WORKFLOW

Beck Graben • Jan 26, 2023

Great program, saves me the hassle of having to go to each icon library's website

Nick • Apr 27, 2023

Easy to use and stable app. This is like Typeface for icons.

Roland • Apr 27, 2023

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