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Knowledge base

Is IconJar GDPR compliant?

Ever since we first launched IconJar we’ve been very protective of collecting data about our users and therefore we simply decided not to collect any data we don’t need. We feel like it’s our duty to treat our users the same way we want to be treated, which should always be crystal clear.This short post should give you a better understanding of what happens to your data and which services process these.

Those who use IconJar through Setapp can find more information here.

Purchasing your license

We use Paddle as our software vendor, and you’ll come across Paddle when you click on the “buy now” link on our website. A modal appears which features the checkout flow in isolation. Paddle has announced that they’ll be GDPR compliant by the 25th of May. Paddle logs all transfers which allows us to support our customers whenever needed.

Generating and storing your license

Generating licenses is done by Devmate which joined forces with Paddle last year. Once a payment goes through Paddle they trigger Devmate to generate a personal license that can be used to activate two Macs.

Receiving your order confirmation and license(s)

Awesome, you purchased one or multiple license and the order has been successfully been processed by Paddle. This is the moment in which Paddle will send you an order confirmation and the license(s) by email. Please keep this email in case you need it in the future.

Receiving news from us

We don’t, and never will, send our customers unwanted emails. We only send emails through Campaign Monitor to those who signed up on our website. Those who purchased our app have to manually sign up for our receiving news and / or promotions about IconJar.

Campaign Monitor also announced to be GDPR ready from May 25th.

Receiving new updates of our app

To fetch new updates we use Sparkle to ping Devmate upon startup. Sparkle doesn’t pass on any personal information and automatically downloading new versions of IconJar is opt-in and always will be.

Website scripts

We also use a few scripts on our site that enable us to improve and monitor our website. They’re all for analytical purposes except for two, which are CloudFlare and Intercom. The other tools are Google Analytics, Mixpanel and Jetpack. For Google Analytics we altered our tracking script to collect data anonymously as described here.

Website backups

We host our site on a DigitalOcean server, which claims to be GDPR ready by May 25th. We automatically make backups of the website every week, which we store for a month before we automatically delete them.

Changing the scope of the search form

Sometimes you want the search form to search through your complete icon library. However, there are plenty of usecases I which you want the search form to respect the scope you’ve selected in the left sidebar. Changing the scope of the search form is extremely easy and is found when you select the input field and click on the little search icon that transitions to the left.

Educational discounts

We offer a 20% educational discount to students and teachers around the world. To apply you can simply get in touch with us via email with your .edu email address. If you don’t have a .edu email address we ask you to confirm that you’re a student or teacher.

Apply for a discount

Can I reset my license?

Sure can! We know that in some cases you can run into activation limits of IconJar (which is two per license). In that case you can reset your license on our Reset License page. This is a process we used to do manually but that can now be done by yourself so you no longer have to wait till we’ve done so.

Note: Resetting your license requires you to enter your license key. If you’ve lost your license key you can get in touch with us via email so we can look it up.

Reset license

Syncing your library

IconJar allows you to move your Library to any location. This does allow you to move your Library to a Dropbox folder or similar alternatives. However, we there’s a huge chance that your library will get corrupt when you use it across multiple Macs by using a syncing service. At IconJar we are aware of how big the benefits of syncing icons are, so we’re looking into ways to make this happen is the smoothest way possible.

Using SVGs with apps that don’t support them

Some apps such as Keynote and Photoshop don’t support SVGs out of the box. The target app will very likely show an error when dropping an SVG from Iconjar. Alternatively you should use our Quickdrag feature which enables you to drag and drop icons in any file type you want. Most apps that don’t support SVG work pretty well with PDF files so we recommend using that as an alternative. PDFs are scalable and pretty much have the same benefits as SVGs.

Importing icons

Iconjar supports a variety of file types and options by default to cater all needs of our users. Want to import subfolders of the selected destination as well? Just select the Import icons within subfolders option and you should be good to go.

After you imported the icons they get copied to a library that is dedicated for IconJar to use. Because IconJar now has its own copies of your icons you’re free to do with the original source files you want.

Advanced import preferences we currently support

File types

  • SVG
  • ICNS
  • TTF
  • PNG
  • OTF
  • GIF (non-animated)
  • PDF
  • WEBP
  • ICO

File type options

  • Expand ICO files
  • Expand ICNS files
  • Expand sprite sheets

Folder options

  • Import icons within subfolders
  • Create groups and sets per folder
  • Maintain original file names


The app quits on launch using Mac OS X 10.10

For those on Mac OS X 10.10 and experiencing an issue where IconJar will launch then instantly close, please toggle this setting in the Security & Privacy tab of your system preferences.

If that doesn’t work, please choose the Anywhere setting, launch IconJar, once IconJar has launched, you then can set the setting back to what you previously had.

Note: If this doesn’t solve the problem for you, please get in touch with us.

Iconjar crashes on launch

This could be due to a broken library.  Just to be sure, backup the following direction; ~/library/Application Support/Iconjar. Delete the directory and start the app again. You’ll notice that your icons are gone, therefore we always recommend people to keep a backup of their icons somewhere.

If that doesn’t work and you still get a crash, it might be due to malformed/conflicting preferences. Open up Terminal and type the following command:
defaults delete com.iconjar.iconjar

Then hit return, this will remove any preferences you have set and revert back to IconJar’s defaults. Then you can launch IconJar again.

If neither of these work, you can put back the database and reach out to us for additional support.

Developer docs

Generate .IconJar files with PHP

We often receive questions from people who want to generate .IconJar files on their website. As per request, we wrote a PHP library that does just that and you can find it on GitHub. The index.php contains an example that should get you up and running in no-time.

Since this library is open-source we highly appreciate it if you contribute by creating pull requests or issues.

Check it out on GitHub