Terms of use

Last updated: August 22, 2020

These terms apply to trial users and subscribers of IconJar. By subscribing or using our app, you accept our terms as described below.

Modification of agreement

We may make changes to our terms when needed. We’ll update the “last updated” date at the very bottom of this page when we do so. The new terms will override the previous ones, but we’ll always keep revisions if needed.

Our product

IconJar is a macOS only product. We strive to make IconJar compatible with the two last major macOS releases. We can not guarantee that IconJar will work on beta versions of macOS. The app comes “as is” without any warranty of any kind. In no event shall the authors or copyright holders be responsible for damages or other liability while using IconJar. We’re very willing to help, so don’t hesitate to send us an email if you experience any issues.

Annual subscription

IconJar is sold under a subscription licensing model through Paddle. These subscriptions are annual and are auto-renewed. We send a reminder 14 days before a new payment gets withdrawn from your account to give you time to cancel your subscription.

We have a flexible cancelation policy, so you’re free to cancel your subscription at any time. For details on refunds, click here.


IconJar licenses can activate two Macs so you can use the app on your personal and work computers. Licenses for IconJar 2 can only be reset by Paddle for the time being, so please reach out to us when you ran out of activations.


We have a 14 day trial period which allows you to discover if the app fits your needs. You’re allowed to request a refund within 14 days after the initial purchase if necessary. We do not give refunds for subscription renewals. We will disable the license keys when we process the refund.

Discounts and coupons

  • Student discounts are automatically calculating based on email address. Please send us an email to info@geticonjar.com if you don't have a .edu email address

  • Non-profits can apply for a discount by contacting us on info@geticonjar.com.

  • We do promotions from time to time. These can either be sent through us or via one of our partners. Coupons can only be applied to new orders and can’t be used to get a (small) refund on your order.

Featured icons

We accept zero liability for freebies or advertised icons sets. If a dispute is to be made between authors of two sets then it is to be had directly between those individuals and not through IconJar.


Please take a look at our support section when you have questions. We’re happy to answer any questions that aren’t listed there on Twitter, Facebook or via email.