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Terms of Use

By purchasing and using our app, you agree to have read these these terms, and accept the terms as described below.

Modification of agreement

We may make changes to our terms when needed. When we do so, we’ll update the “last updated” date at the very bottom of this page. The new terms will override the previous ones, but we’ll always keep revisions in case they’re needed.

Our product

Our product consists of a Mac OS app. This app can be used from Mac OS X 10.10 and newer. We also have a website where users can come for support or find resources to use with IconJar.


Our app features a two weeks trial, after the trial period we ask our users to buy the app. Purchasing the app is done through Fastspring which is connected to Devmate to generate license keys.


  1. We will never sell nor share customer data. We will only ask you for personal information during your checkout. This data is then linked to a license key in Devmate so you can use our app.
  2. We use the Devmate SDK to collect anonymous usage data in order to improve our app. Usage data includes app downloads, installs, revenue, etc. (more info here:
  3. Whenever you’re experiencing a bug we may ask you to share the affected icon(s) or set(s). We will only use these files to research a potential cause in order to fix the issue. We will never use the icons for a different purpose nor share them with other parties unless agreed differently.

For more information about your privacy is listed in our Privacy Policy.


Our app features a trial period which allows you to discover if the app fits your needs. If for some reason you’re not satisfied with IconJar after purchase we allow you to request a refund within 14 days after purchase.

Discounts and coupons

  1. Students can apply for a 20% discount coupon by getting in touch via [email protected]. We’ll will ask for proof when the email isn’t sent via an .edu email address.
  2. We do promotions from time to time. These can either be sent through us or via one of our partners. Coupons can only be applied to new orders and can’t be used to get a (small) refund on your order.


  1. When a resource is submitted to our website we’ll always discuss the best possible way to showcase the resource with the submitter. We’ll also discuss the license under which we should release the resource.
  2. Online resources may always be removed by us when we feel like the quality of the resources doesn’t match with the rest anymore, or if our catalogue offers too much similar sets. An exception to this are seasonal resources such as Christmas icons that we’ll remove until it’s the right season to showcase them again.
  3. We accept absolutely zero liability for freebies or advertised icons sets. If a dispute is to be made between authors of two sets then it is to be had directly between those individuals and not through IconJar.


This software comes “as is”, without any warranty of any kind. In no event shall the authors or copyright holders be responsible for damages or other liability while using IconJar. We’re very willingly to help, so don’t hesitate to send us an email if you experience any issues.


Please take a look at our support section when you have questions. We’re happy to answer any questions that aren’t listed there on Twitter, Facebook or via email.