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Version 2.11.2

Bug fixes

Fixes rendering of WebP images and exporting them, QuickDrag now also obeys the quality setting for WebP images.

Version 2.11.1

Bug fixes

Fixes rendering issues with some gradients

Version 2.11


We've completely rewritten our SVG library IJSVG. Learn more on its GitHub page.

Bug fixes

Fixed an issue where the grid would resort itself when navigating icons with names that begin with a whitespace

We have also fixed a crash on launch for some users

Version 2.10


New UI for macOS 10.16+

Inspector and set list will now overlay when collapsed in full screen where applicable.

Added ability to export specific colors as currentColor in Quickdrag, also in the exporter and SVG Cleaner.

Added reset to default button to color picker, along with various fixes to it.

Added duplicate set / group function.

Grid view has been refactored and is now much more performant and consumed much less memory

Bug fixes

Fixes issue with color picker sometimes showing incorrect controls

Fixes various SVG rendering issues

Fixes various selection issues in the set list

Fixes bitmap quality not being set by default

Version 2.9


Change SVG stroke properties
You can now adjust the stroke thickness, line cap and joins of your SVGs directly in IconJar, as shown in the video below.


Added Sort by Name Recursively to Groups in the list (this works at top level as-well as any group

Quickdrag will now scale in width and height when residing the inspector, we have also allowed the inspector to be made wider

When dragging and icon in fullscreen and IconJar is told to hide, it will focus the previous used app (this may cause the space to animate to it)

IconJar will now ask you if you want to override or keep existing icons on disk when exporting icons with the same name

When zooming / changing the grid size, you will now get haptic feedback when reaching predefined / standard sizes

Bug fixes

Updated Paddle SDK (this fixes some memory leaks)

Fixed issue where sets were not scrolled into view when selected or imported in the set list

Fixed issue where you could not drop a folder into subfolders from Finder into the set list

Fixes a crash when changing filter type

Version 2.8.1


Our color picker now lets you switch between "all" and "shared" colors to control the (number of) colors shown in the dropdown when you have multiple icons selected with differing colors.

Bug fixes

Fixes a rare crash when selecting multiple icons.

Version 2.8

In beta

Change SVG stroke properties
You can now adjust the stroke thickness, line cap and joins of your SVGs directly in IconJar, as shown in the video above. You can opt-in by going to preferences → advanced → and switch on the "Enable experimental features" setting.


Added Finder services
Our app now offers services like "cleanup SVG with IconJar" to contextual menus in the Finder to further enhance your workflows.


We now group colours in our colour picker when your selection contains more than one colour.

You can now toggle the grid tools overlay.

Various performance and visual improvements throughout the app.

Vastly reduced memory usage when importing.

Bug fixes

Fixes crash on import.

Fixed various rendering issues with SVGs.

Version 2.7.3


When “hide main window when dragging icons” is enabled, we will now move the window to the back instead of closing it.

Bug fixes

The export icon shown on our onboarding splash screen now renders correctly.

We fixed a crash that was a caused by a memory overflow when parsing polygons or lines within SVG’s.

Version 2.7.2


We have updated our SVG rendering library to the latest build, including a vast amount of performance and memory improvements.

Bug fixes

We fixed an issue where IconJar would crash after importing specific icon fonts.

Paddle only: Fixes issue with XPC service not running under ARM.

Version 2.7.1


Our empty states now have a new design that's more consistent with macOS Big Sur.

QuickDrag preview is now correctly sorted based on your selection in the grid.

Massive performance increase for showing counts of large libraries. We also toned down the contrast on the count in the set list to reduce visual clutter.

Added View in set to icons in Starred and Recently used set.

Improved SVG compatibility and performance.

Bug fixes

The app now shows the correct file size when you download an IconJar update, or pull Material Icons from our servers.

Fixes issue that created empty groups at the root level when ungrouping sets.

Fixes issue that created empty sets at the root level when merging multiple sets.

Fixes crash that could occur when folder names contained a multibit string.

Fixes various UI issues related to macOS Big Sur.

Fixes issue where IconJar would ask you to migrate on fresh install when there is nothing to migrate from.

Fixes issue where converting a font to SVG would use the compression options and cause issues with rendering.

Fixes issue where exported items via the sheet were not added to recently used.

Fixes issue where the Set view would scroll off the top of the window.

Fixes set counts not updating correctly when icons were being removed.

Fixes issue where sometimes icon previews would not load in the grid.

IconJar no longer shows a notification to import SF Symbols (as it no longer worked due to updates Apple made to the SF Symbols app).

Version 2.7

New features

Use the title and desc elements of SVGs to apply name, tags and description to icons
This can be enabled in Preferences → Import → Use SVG title and desc when available. The app will fallback to using the file name if these aren't found in an SVG.


IconJar's UI has been updated to match the beautiful design of macOS Big Sur.

We've added support for Apple's new M1 processor.

Bug fixes

Backup libraries are now marked as a backup correctly.

Window tint now works properly for the Preferences, licenses and SVG cleaner windows.

Version 2.6.x

Bug fixes

Fixes licensing filter not working correctly

Fixes crash when licensing filter is applied and search is performed

Fixed issue with backing up of libraries that would sometimes crash

Version 2.6

New features

SVG Cleaner
You can now clean SVGs without importing the files into IconJar first. You can launch the window from Tools → SVG Cleaner (beta).

New app icon
We've proactively updated our app icon to match macOS Big Sur's visual language. We hope you like it!


We've added various options for optimizing SVGs on export, such as:

  • Round transforms (with precision options)
  • Convert shapes to paths
  • Convert curves to arcs
  • Remove default values
  • Remove XML declaration

We now link to our Sketch plugin from Tools → Get our Sketch Plugin….

Export now allows IconJar’s set hierarchy to be respected.

Quicklook now shows the file name and size.

Our post-registration window now shows a few characters of the license key.

Bug fixes

We fixed an issue for smart sets that caused no icons to match.

We Fixed issue where using a decimal place in suffix or prefix broke the file name on export.

Version 2.5

This version of IconJar is packed with improvements to some of our core features, such as QuickDrag, library backups. Additionally we've made a bunch of accessibility improvements throughout the entire app.


Automatic backup cleaning - This can be enabled within the preferences

Enhancements to how we work out set counts

Enhancements on Gridview, larger section headers and refined margins

Reduced memory usage (both system memory and video memory)

Now implements full vibrancy and themes for macOS

Fixes and improvements to Recently Used set

Added "New Group" onto a Groups contextual menu

Adding pagination to QuickDrag

Performance increases throughout the application — lots of work done to improve the grid scrolling performance

Completely rewritten how we load images in to reduce CPU and memory.

Bug fixes

Fixes subfolders not being removed

Fixes for macOS Big Sur (10.16/11)

Fixes issue where icon was copied to a new set and the new set name field within the list was still visible upon the set updating its count

Fixed issue where upon launch of IconJar the grid would be incorrectly sized.

Version 2.4.1

Bug fixes

Fixed an issue that deleted icons from their original sets when deleting Smart Sets.

Version 2.4

New features

Support for Regex and wildcard search queries
Added ability to change search modes, we now include RegExp and Wildcard. This functionality has also been added to Smart Sets.


We added the ability to disable the double clicking of icons within the grid.

You can now cancel finding of duplicate icons.

Bug fixes

Fixed crash when searching whilst recently used set is selected.

Fixed issue where export presets were not saving and restoring correctly.

Fixed various SVG rendering issues where masks were involved.

Fixed issue where upon launch of IconJar the grid would be incorrectly sized.

Version 2.3

New features

Additional filters
We've added filters to our search input so you can really narrow down the search results to what you're looking for.


We've added an option to show the # of icons per set in the left sidebar. This can be enabled under view → Show Set Counts

We now check for IconJar 1 licenses when activating IconJar 2 so we can show a relevant error message

Numerous improvements to IJSVG, our custom built SVG renderer for macOS

Bug fixes

The icon's label in the grid now updates accordingly.

Version 2.2

New features

Improved support for icon fonts
We now keep a reference to icon imported icon fonts and register them with macOS. We fetch the icon's name from the font, and allow its characters to be copied as rich text.


SVG Exporting will now obbey the original SVG's primitive shape (if it was one). IconJar used to convert any primitive shape into path data, but it will now respect what it was originally and write it back where it can.

SVG's can now be exported without comments.

You can now export icons with their associated tags as their filename.

You can now center icons within their viewbox when exporting as SVG.

EPS export is infinitely better and will maintain vector when exporting vector files.

Improved SVG rendering and parsing performance considerably, parsing is now up to 8x faster and with reduction of memory.

SVG export options have been separated out into basic and advanced options.

SVG are now reduced in size when exporting, this is achieved by finetuning how we write exported path data and floats.

Open in … list is now sorted correctly.

You can now specify a background color for exported bitmaps.

Bug fixes

Fixes SVG parsing of compressed ellipical arc commands.

Bootstrap Icons now render correctly.

Fixes various memory leaks related to SVG and gradients.

Fixes various memory buffer overflows within SVG parser

Fixes a bug when exporting an IconJar that some files were overwritten if they were the same name from multiple sets.

Version 2.1.1

This release fixes a rare issue where an IconJar 2 library would show up empty after migrating from v1.

Version 2.1

New features

Supports for Apple's SF Symbols icons
Import all the different weights of Apple's official SF Symbol icons into IconJar with just one click.

Support for HEX colors with 8 characters
We've added support for alpha in HEX strings to IconJar.


Adds states for toolbar icons for Filter and Starred

Fixes a few rendering issues with some SVG’s

Fixes issue where a backup would happen upon migration

Fixes various memory leaks

Version 2.0

New features

Bundle similar icons with Smart Sets
IconJar now lets you create rule based sets. Smart sets are great for when you have a favourite style, prefer a specific file type, or want to show every icon with a certain license.


View recently used icons
IconJar automatically adds the icons you've used to a recently used set in the left sidebar.

Star your favourite icons
You can now star the icons you like the most. Starred icons are all grouped in one set so you never have to search for them.


Full compatability with macOS 10.15 Catalina

Our color picker now includes an eye-dropper tool

UI changes througout the whole app

You can now also change the color of gradients

You can now have IconJar search for, and clean up, duplicate icons

You can now filter your icon set list by keyword

We now link out to licenses from the inspector when a url for the license is provided

We now allow users to opt-in for beta releases

Trigger search with a keystroke with “always active search”

We have implemented basic Touchbar support for the grid

You can now sort the grid

You can choose to have the grid grouped by set or not

You can now drag icons and iconjar files directly into the set list for inplace adding

You can now drag out sets from the list and instantly create iconjar files

We have added SVG export options to the preferences to customize SVG processing

You can now improve icon constrast when using Aqua instead of just in Dark mode

If moving a library when IconJar is not open, we keep track of it and wont need to refind it again

Managing licenses has now been given its own window instead of inside Preferences

Quicklook has been simplified and is detachable, this also respects the grid dark mode

Grid can now display up to 256pt sizes

Updated IJSVG to fix a lot of rendering issues with gradients

You can now right click and copy, or copy code from Quickdrag

The grid size controls now overlay the grid but are unobtrusive

We have ramped up performance throughout the application

Version 1 → 1.13

Noteworthy features and improvements we made to version 1 in no particular order

  • Native support for Dark Mode
  • QuickDrag which allows you to change dimensions and file types on the fly
  • A complete redesigns of many features such as our backup flow and our toolbar
  • A way to replace one or multiple icons
  • Finder tags support
  • Support for numerous file types such as EPS, PDF and ICO
  • A way to import multiple .iconjar files at once
  • A way to assign a license to icons, sets and groups
  • A Sketch plugin that to import icons into IconJar
  • A rich export feature
  • Built-in support for FontAwesome 5
  • A custom URL-scheme that automatically downloads icon sets from the web and imports them into IconJar
  • Custom export presets
  • An interactive breadcrumb so you can easily navigate through your folder structure
  • Built-in support for the Google Material icons
  • Endless amounts of SVG improvements such as "copy as formatted SVG code"